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Aries IndustriesAries Industries
Aries Industries, Inc. has introduced the Wolverine Cutting System, a best-in-class pipeline maintenance and inspection tool that offers rapid liner cutting while delivering video camera imagery.

The new product was brought to market through an exclusive strategic partnership between Aries and ProKasro, a leading sewer rehabilitation supplier in Germany. ProKasro has designed and manufactured the cutter robot, and Aries has partnered with them to fully integrate this cutter robot into a full operating system forthe North American market.

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The Wolverine is a self-propelled, wheeled cutting system enabling more accurate and efficient underground lateral reinstatement operations. The standard system provides high-powered cutting and camera combination for 6- to 16-in. pipelines and travels up to 450 ft. It rapidly and precisely mills or grinds the toughest liners with extremely powerful cutting forces ranging from 1.6 hp (16,000 RPM) to 3.35 hp (12,000 RPM). Cutter and camera functions perform simultaneously and are remote-controlled through a transmitting cable that delivers data to an aboveground workstation.

Customers looking to upgrade trucks with the Wolverine Cutting System do not have to invest in a new truck, as Aries can more affordably retrofit existing trucks with the new cutting system.

USB – Sewer Equipment CorpUSB – Sewer Equipment Corp.

One piece stainless steel cleaning nozzles from USB – Sewer Equipment Corp. are neither bonded nor screwed together. The latest technology enhances strength and significantly reduces chances of failure under pressure for greater safety and optimum performance.

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The nozzles’ Advanced, Optimized 3D Hydro Mechanics, located in the lower part of the chamber, completely eliminate pressure in the upper portion of the nozzle and prevent explosion in a sewer line or manhole. The water coming from a pressurized hose is immediately guided directly into channels and smoothly directed into one piece ceramic nozzle inserts, which do not require winglets or flow-straighteners, because of the hydromechanics in and out of the chamber. The result is a highly efficient jet pattern.

The nozzles, precision engineered and manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, provide excellent efficiency and unrivaled cleaning performance to remove sand, mud, silt, grease and obstructions from sewer and storm-water lines.  

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Vacall AllJetVac combination sewer cleaners provide governments and contractors with an ideal collection performance features for sewer line maintenance — all powered by a single chassis engine. Rather than requiring two engines like other combination sewer cleaners, the AllJetVac single-engine concept slashes fuel consumption, cuts harmful emissions and reduces routine maintenance downtime and costs while also holding down the price of the unit.

AllJetVac models have a strong positive displacement blower system for excellent jetting action and superior vacuum power. The oval-shaped debris body has cylindrical sides for extra strength and efficient material dumping. Water tanks, fabricated from high-quality aluminum, are mounted high on the chassis away from road debris. Optional galvanized debris bodies and water tanks carry lifetime warranties.

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Available as an option on new systems or as an upgrade to existing ones, the new LED illumination option for QuickView enhances short- to mid-range zoom inspection of storm and sewer pipes. It offers better diffusion for viewing near targets, as well as other benefits commonly associated with LED lighting: extended life (up to 10,000 hours), instant start-up, variable intensity, exceptional color balance, and reduced power consumption.

“For distances over 300 ft, nothing beats our original HID (high-intensity discharge) lamp,” says Envirosight president Richard Lindner. “However, a lot of QuickView users spend most of their time inspecting manholes and short runs. Under these conditions, the LED lamp’s diffusion, variable intensity and color balance really boost productivity.”

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The LED option is available for both standard and Haloptic versions of the QuickView, a patented zoom survey camera that evaluates pipelines, manholes and tanks from street level. Contractors use it to survey pipe condition before bidding services, and to document completed work. Municipalities use it to identify and prioritize maintenance issues, avoid confined-space entry, and inspect hard-to-reach infrastructure.  

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