Pipe Cleaning Products


Sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) are a collection systems manager’s worst nightmare. The primary cause of SSOs are roots that grow into the sanitary sewers and block the flow. Get rid of pipeline roots and you will reduce your SSOs. RootX is a proven root killer that can be a valuable tool in reducing SSOs. The simplicity of the RootX application process allows a municipal sewer crew to successfully kill pipeline roots and reduce SSOs on its own schedule with minimal time and effort.


H2S can destroy your collection system, digesters, pumps, lift stations, sewer lines and treatment plants causing foul odor, corrosion of pipes and electrical systems and more. H2S Eliminator eliminates Hydrogen Sulfide at the molecular level, reducing odor, BOD levels and corrosion. Utilizing an easy to calibrate dosing pump and a bulk delivery, concentrated formulation makes eliminating H2S easier and more cost efficient than ever. Automatically dose upstream from where H2S readings are high and watch the H2S levels start dropping. H2S Eliminator’s 100 percent biodegradable, concentrated formula and precise dosing system is the environmentally friendly way to reduce H2S in your waste system.  Call (800) 841-1444 to order H2S Eliminator today.

Duke’s Root ControlDuke’s Root Control

Duke’s Root Control Inc. is a full-service root control company dedicated to keeping sewer systems free of tree root growth. Through professional application of Duke’s proprietary herbicide, Razorooter II, more than 2,500 U.S. municipalities have benefited from extended pipe life, reduced SSO occurrences, and maximized asset value. RAZOROOTER II is the only diquat-based, sewer root control product that is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Registration No. 64898-8).


EnvirosightDeployed on any ¾- or 1½-in. jetter hose, the JetScan HD video nozzle is the quick, easy way for a cleaning crew to determine what tools and setup to use, identify blockages during emergency call-outs, and document the outcome of cleaning operations. It’s affordable enough to put on every cleaning truck, yet captures valuable HD video footage from underground that can be viewed immediately afterward on a tablet. As JetScan HD advances down pipe 8 to 24 in. in diameter, it records 720p HD video in MPEG format to an onboard SD memory card. Immediately afterward, the card can be removed and video viewed on an iPad or other SD-compatible device. Twin high-output LED lamps ensure bright, vivid footage. JetScan lasts four hours on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and stores up to eight hours of video.
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