Obituary- James ‘Jim’ Fletcher, ISCO Industries

Jim FletcherISCO Industries announced the death of James “Jim” Fletcher at the age of 82. He died on March 30, surrounded by family.

Jim introduced high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe to Jim Kirchdorfer Sr., the founder of ISCO in 1980. He became the company’s first salesperson. Without his early leadership and influence, ISCO would not be the company it is today. He spent 35 years pioneering HDPE, building relationships, and teaching the ISCO team.

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ISCO is a family business and it wasn’t long before Jim felt like one of the family. He often spoke fondly of his first job with the company, supplying pipe to slipline the sewers in Fort Knox. It was one of the first and largest jobs ISCO supplied.

Some of the greatest moves throughout ISCO’s history were, in part, guided by Jim’s hand. He became a legend in the industry.

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Around the time of his retirement, Jimmy Kirchdorfer Jr. said, “During his time as a sales manager and vice president of sales, he helped create a customer-centric culture by teaching our sales team, first-hand, the importance of customer relationships and after-sale service.”

Around that same time, Jim reflected on his own career. “I hope the knowledge that I gave the next generation was that you need to make friends with your customers. If you don’t have the persnoality and the friendship that you show with your customers, you won’t keep them,” he explained.

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It was Jim’s general way of being that endeared him to co-workers and customers alike. The thick, Missouri accent and idiosyncratic way he added “there” to the end of a sentence. He was a salesman, a mentor and a friend. He spent his retirement years fishing in Florida and spending time with his family.

While his accomplishments at ISCO and in the HDPE industry are impressive, the two accomplishments he was most proud of were his children Bryan and Susan and his grandchildren, Cameron, Ashley, Ella and Cole, who will all miss their papaw.

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“We were lucky to know him,” said Jimmy Kirchdorfer. “I hope we each spend some time remembering and treasuring our own unique Fletcher experiences. It is with great thanks and appreciation we say goodbye to our friend.”

Plans for a memorial service in Louisville, Kentucky are pending the reduction of COVID-19 restrictions.