Obituaries: David Paterson

David Paterson, one of the founding members of the Sewer Renovation Federation died on Sept. 28 at age 69.

Paterson began work as a laborer for Rees Construction in the late 1960s and set up Civation Ltd. in Oxford in 1971. Paterson, a pioneer in the trenchless industry, developed his business by lining crumbling Victorian sewers with a Gunite system utilizing pre-formed crown and invert segments. He later adopted GRC and GRP segments to develop Civation into an internationally recognized and highly regarded company and became the approved installer for Channelline. Paterson developed good working relationships with rival contractors, Sewer Services, Rees Construction and Ferro Monk and, together with Chris Rees, Bob Brown and Bryan Venn, established the Sewer Renovation Federation (SRF), later SBWWI to support fellow industry members and lobby water companies to invest in renovation of the aging U.K. sewer network.

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