Paul Henkels, Henkels & McCoy

Henkels & McCoy Inc. chairman Paul M. Henkels passed away Jan. 8.

Paul had been the inspirational leader of Henkels & McCoy Inc. for more than 60 years. His commitment to integrity, the livelihood of our employees and the performance of the company was always of upmost importance to Paul. He embodied the spirit of his parents, the founders of Henkels & McCoy, with his dedication to the core values that are the foundation of the company. His untiring efforts to ensure ethics in business, improve education through school choice, and live his faith through philanthropic endeavors, inspired all who knew him.   

Jaan Oolup, Link-Pipe

Jaan Oolup, a salesperson at Link-Pipe Inc., died suddenly in November while returning home from assisting a customer in Tulsa, Okla.

Jaan was born in Sweden just after World War II and his family moved to Canada shortly afterward. They settled in Ontario, where his father worked as a carpenter. Jaan graduated as an engineer from Ryerson University in Toronto, from where he went to work for Pennwalt Corp. as a salesperson. From there he worked for various companies until he arrived at Canron Pipe, which was later renamed to IPEX, where he worked as a sales manager until he retired.

Not happy with retirement, he joined Link-Pipe Inc. and became its top salesperson until he suddenly passed away from a heart attack while returning from a visit to one of his customers in Tulsa, on Nov. 15.
Jaan will be remembered by all the people he befriended in the trenchless technology industry
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