Nu Flow V HCL 2017

Nu Flow Technologies Expands Offerings With Vertical/Horizontal Connection Liners

For years, a reliable solution for structurally rehabilitating the fittings of small diameter pipe has been a challenge. To help combat this challenge, Nu Flow Technologies recently launched its new Vertical/Horizontal Connection Liners (V/HCL).

V/HCLs are specifically designed for vertical/ horizontal small-diameter T and Wye connection(s) with a 4-in. main and 3- or 4-in. lateral connections. Pipe lining vertical stacks with lateral connections can be tricky, however, with this specific process, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining vertical stacks with T or Wye connections can be successfully done.

Only two access points are needed to install the V/HCL liner and only a two-man crew is needed for the installation – one pushing from the bottom and one pulling from the lateral. In addition to the ease of the installation process, the V/HCL liner can be installed in less than two hours which ultimately means less down time for the building and more time for your technicians to move on to another project.

Nu Flow Technologies’ V/HCL liner materials are designed for small-diameter pipes. A thin felt liner allows for less diameter loss both in the main and in the lateral connection, which allows the original flow measurements to remain. A reusable silicone bladder is also used during the installation process. This bladder can be reused a recommended five times for different applications and installation jobs. When reusing a bladder, always air test the bladder to make sure it does not have any leaks.

With a trenchless technology solution such as V/HCL liners, solving the challenges of failing vertical pipes with lateral connections is both effective and time efficient with Nu Flow Technologies’ system. Whether you’ve been lining vertical stacks for years or are just starting out in the CIPP lining business, adding V/HCL liners to your arsenal of tools can help your sell, install, and ultimately solve your client’s pipe problems.

For more information about Nu Flow Technologies’ V/HCL liners contact or call 800-834-9597.

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