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Next Generation of Aqua-Pipe Technology Now NSF 61 Certified

LOGISTEC Corp. announced that its next generation of Aqua-Pipe water technology is now NSF 61 certified.

Sanexen LogoThis important certification opens yet another door for this technology to solve a myriad of challenges faced by municipalities and communities around the world dealing with health issues associated with aging water main infrastructure, and to protect water mains in cases of extreme seismic activity, floods and other natural disasters.

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LOGISTEC’s next generation of Aqua-Pipe solution has been gaining a lot of attention recently, following rigorous testing last December at Cornell University’s Geotechnical Lifelines Large-Scale Testing Facility that established the technology as the only solution proven to withstand extreme seismic and environmental events to protect water main infrastructure lifelines. In fact, tests proved that this solution would have easily withstood both the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquake sequence in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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“We are very proud to add the NSF 61 certification to our proven water technology portfolio of solutions,” said Martin Bureau, vice-president, innovation for SANEXEN Environmental Services Inc., LOGISTEC’s environmental team. “The NSF 61 certification is recognized internationally and means that our technology has been approved by one of the most respected independent certification organizations for health and safety of food, water and consumer products. Our customers require this certification as further confirmation of the safety of our next-generation solution, and this now broadens the scope of what we can offer communities across North America and overseas.”

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“Our innovative next generation of water technology continues to prove its value as the ideal solution for municipalities facing the task of addressing their water main infrastructure and the critical importance of ensuring access to clean, safe and reliable drinking water to their residents,” said Madeleine Paquin, president and CEO of LOGISTEC. “When you have the best engineers and scientists in the industry developing innovative solutions to address these growing concerns, who put their product through the industry’s most intensive series of tests, you know you will end up with the highest-quality result.”

This next generation technology, now also certified NSF 61 compliant as is its predecessor, is an even more flexible and resilient upgrade to the original Aqua-Pipe technology, which has been installed in over 1,300 miles of pipe across North America, and carries with it all of the value that its predecessor has.

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LOGISTEC’s Aqua-Pipe technology, both the original and new generation solutions, is 25 percent more cost effective than the traditional open-cut method of digging up and replacing broken or leaking pipes, and has eliminated more than 1.9 billion cubic feet of lost drinking water through the repair of leaks  while significantly reducing the impact on neighborhoods.

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Now, with the next generation of Aqua-Pipe’s NSF 61 certification in place, this is yet another reason for municipalities to choose this resilient technology to remediate their water main infrastructure challenges.


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