According to an independent survey of engineers, facility managers and contractors, chemical resistance was shown to be the most important attribute of protective linings relative to the corrosion protection of infrastructure. The survey was conducted in April 2010 by WaterOnline, a leading online sourcing service for the industry, and sponsored by Sauereisen Inc., a third-generation manufacturer of corrosion-resistant materials.

The survey was adapted from a similar 2006 version with the goal to determine variations in responses in recent years and to gather additional perspectives on current issues important to the industry.

Based on the survey results, chemical resistance is still considered to be the most important quality relative to the corrosion protection of infrastructure. The survey also revealed that the ability to prevent permeance of chemicals through the lining is the most important factor when it comes to the functional chemical resistance of a protective lining. Additionally, a company’s established track record is a priority when it comes to selecting one corrosion resistant lining oven another.

“A company with a good track record is important when selecting a corrosion coating because it is evidence that the company provides a good products and good customer service,” said Blaine Robinson, distribution and collection engineering for the City of Phoenix Water Services Department. “An excellent product probably has enough allure to keep a company going but great customer service along with great products is what gives a company staying power.”

In addition to the survey’s results on chemical resistance, approximately 69 percent of those surveyed stated that the most important consideration when comparing the published physical properties of various materials is to understand the relevance of those properties to the actual service environment. Moreover, the results demonstrated the importance of assuring that products work successfully with each other as one complete system.

“With a long history in specialty materials and the restoration of structures affected by corrosion, we at Sauereisen feel that it is imperative to understand the importance of concepts like chemical resistance and permeability,” said Karl Sauereisen, vice president. “This survey functions as a way for us to gather insight on what others in the industry feel are the most important concepts to consider in the protection of infrastructure and use this information to improve our products and services for our direct customers and those that specify products on their behalf.”

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Established in 1899, Sauereisen is a third-generation manufacturer that provides worldwide product distribution of corrosion-resistant materials.  The company is dedicated to establishing expertise in the prevention of corrosion and the restoration of structures affected by it. Sauereisen coatings and linings are commonly specified within the aggressive environments of the wastewater, power, food processing and chemical industries.

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