multiVIEW web upgrade

MultiVIEW Locates Enhances Web Presence

multiVIEW web upgradeMultiVIEW Locates Inc. (multiVIEW), a leading professional services firm that’s been offering utility locating services across Ontario for almost 30 years, launched a redesigned website earlier this year.


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In addition to a sleek, modern design, the new website offers a more engaging user experience with enhanced multimedia components, an informative blog, expanded content and intuitive navigation.

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“We’ve grown and evolved over the past few years, opening up three new office locations to support our growth, and further diversifying our service offerings.  It was time to revamp our online presence to reflect where we are today as a company,” said Kevin Vine, president, multiVIEW. “Users will now be greeted by a much more vibrant, seamless experience when they visit us online.  We’ve expanded our content to provide users with valuable industry information and we’ve improved the site’s navigation to ensure this information can be accessed as quickly and intuitively as possible.”

Here are a few of the additions that the new includes:

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Multimedia Blog

In the News & Media section, all of multiVIEW’s latest posts are curated into a central blog for easy access. The blog contains a wealth of resources including regular updates on industry news and trends, safety tips, company announcements, e-newsletters, published articles, case studies, upcoming events, our latest videos and more.

Industry Section

Whether an engineering firms looking to implement a full subsurface utility engineering (SUE) program prior to project design, a construction contractor that requires concrete scanning before drilling or a homeowner needing to locate utilities in a backyard prior to installing a new BBQ line, multiVIEW made it easier to connect with information that applies directly to you.

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multiVIEW also included the latest industry standards and regulations that may apply to their work and the services the company provides. Peruse the industry that applies to you and see how we can help you succeed on your next project.

Expanded Technology Section

As a full-service utility locator, multiVIEW leverages a wide intersection of technology and techniques including ground penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic (EM) Induction, time domain electromagnetics (TDEM), seismic reflection and refraction and more. multiVIEW added more information and images around the technology it uses so customers and prospects can better understand the tools that multiVIEW have at our fingertips to solve their challenges.

 Easier to Use

multiVIEW incorporated the latest features in mobile responsiveness so that our site will perform seamlessly from a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, MAC or PC. Improved Book a Locate and Request an Estimate forms allow customers to request our services from virtually anywhere – a jobsite, a vehicle or in the office. Filling out a simple online form prompts multiVIEW project coordinators and estimators to contact a customer.

Updated Project Gallery

The project gallery has been updated with new, vibrant images that depict multiVIEW staff in action along with customer deliverables.

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“The new site more fully describes who we are as a company, the advantages that we offer our customers and our commitment to safety and quality,” said Kevin. “This is important because it helps customers and prospective customers make more informed choices when selecting a Locate Service Provider to partner with.”

SOURCE – multiVIEW Locates Inc.