Mr. Rooter and ACE DuraFlo Systems announce they have entered into anagreement allowing Mr. Rooter franchisees to add the ACE DuraFlo ePIPE epoxypipe restoration technology to their menu of services.

The process, known as ePIPE, applies a proprietary epoxy barrier coatingwithin an existing plumbing system and is designed to prevent pinhole leaks,increase water flow and prevent the leaching of heavy metals, such as lead, intothe water supply. The ePIPE system can be applied to both copper and galvanizedpipes.

“Historically, property owners have made repeated individual repairs to theirplumbing systems until they were forced to re-pipe,” said Stuart Tucker,president of ACE DuraFlo. “Our ePIPE system now provides an alternative byallowing an existing plumbing system to be restored in-place.”

An industry leader in small diameter in-place pipe restoration, ACE DuraFlorecently reached a milestone, restoring the plumbing in more than 3,000 homes inthe United States during the past five years. The agreement with Mr. Rooter willbroaden the availability of this unique relining system.

“Our primary focus is to exceed our customers’ expectations,” said MikeBidwell, president of Mr. Rooter. “Adding the ePIPE system to our menu ofservices keeps us ahead of other plumbing repair companies and deepens the levelof service we provide our customers.”

The ePIPE system will be rolled out to select Mr. Rooter franchise owners atthe company’s annual conference in Phoenix, in June of this year.

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