Members Form HDD Committee

DCA members met during the 2005 Mid-Year meeting todiscuss the organization of the new HDD committee. General and specific ideaswere discussed as to how such a committee would benefit DCA members. Theresulting consensus was the HDD committee should strive to expand the market andeducate clients, the public and members as to the advantages of HDD.

The new committee will consist of 12 to 18 members,serving one-year terms. One third of the committee members will rotate off thecommittee annually.
Former members of the DCCA will be contacted andencouraged to join the DCA and participate in the HDD committee.

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In order to promote the DCA as an HDD resource, theexisting HDD guidelines will be used as marketing and promotional tools,specifically during ICUEE, Sept. 27-29 in Louisville, Ky. The DCA booth andbrochure will also feature new graphical elements reflecting a greater HDDpresence.

Other matters considered included standardcontracts and bid proposals; state responses to the issue of “slurry;” andtarget groups for education, consisting of engineering firms and clients.

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The HDD committee will meet again during the boardof directors meeting, Nov. 15-16 in Dallas. Members interested in participatingon the committee should contact DCA executive vice president Dennis Kennedy atthe DCA office at (972) 680-0261 or E-mail at