MaxLiner WovoX

MaxLiner – Everything you need to SUCCEED IN CIPP

Introducing WovoX – The Next Generation Addition to the WovoLiner® Suite of Liners!

MaxLiner® is the lateral industry’s most compact and simple Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining system for Drain, Waste & Vent pipes – including vertical piping & small diameter applications, using the best materials and equipment available. 

The MaxLiner System is small enough to fit into your current service vehicle and does not require a large crew to get the job done. The highly-portable system and variety of lining materials allows you to install several liners in a day and are ideal for high-production lining projects.  

For more than 20 years, the MaxLiner system has been tested, proven and perfected to stringent standards in residential and commercial applications.  MaxLiner provides input from the field to help design custom solutions based on real-life applications. 

We are thrilled to introduce WovoX: The Next Generation addition to the WovoLiner® suite of products. No question, a GAME CHANGER, giving you more control than ever before by providing increased consistency for calculating stretch and drawback. WovoX is manufactured by our sister company, Applied Felts ®  – the world’s most innovative manufacture of quality CIPP liners and CalTubes® .

WovoX is not too short, not too long. Up to 2 existing pipe diameter changes with one liner, 90-degree turns, no wrinkles, no folds, without sacrificing finished thickness.

The Wovo System helps installers looking to add in-building lining to their repertoire with a product capable of lining around multiple bends easily and with spectacular finished qualities. With the addition of WovoX to the MaxLiner WovoLiner System, difficult installations are transformed into simple installations. Learn MORE.

Dedicated Commitment to Continuing Education, Training and Support 

 We provide both classroom and live field condition training abiding by industry installation and application standards.  Our goal is to ensure that installers have the highest level of confidence in their ability and are successful at both correct CIPP installations and projects, which all starts with our Certified Technical Training.  We know that each and every CIPP project is unique, so when the need for technical experience and guidance arises, our team of technical experts are available by phone or alongside you at the jobsite. 

 “The decision to work with MaxLiner was based on the success record we have had in the past with them training and setting our CIPP teams up in some of our other locations like Sacramento and Palm Springs. My V.P. of Operations, Mike Jennings, led those efforts, and quite frankly, our crews took to it right away and are kicking butt!” Jim Holcomb, owner of Roto-Co, Inc. the largest Roto-Rooter franchise in the United States. 

Learn More about the success of Roto-Co and how the support and training of MaxLiner in the field, helping them overcome hurdles my determining the “Why” and applying it –  leads to risk reduction and long-term success. 

With MaxLiner, you’ll never line a pipe alone.


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