Kleinfelder Trenchless Training

Kleinfelder Invests in Employees, Clients with Trenchless Technology University

The recent launch of Kleinfelder’s Trenchless Technology University, an in-depth training program covering trenchless technology methods including rehab and horizontal directional drilling, is providing staff with the knowledge they need to advance their careers and better serve clients on projects involving underground infrastructure.

Consisting of five modules presented over five weeks, with modules being one to two hours each, Kleinfelder’s Trenchless Technology University starts with the basics to ensure all participants are working from the same foundational knowledge.

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As the program progresses, participants cover topics including new installation methods with a focus on horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and an emphasis on risk management; understanding geology and underground conditions; identifying trenchless work zones; designing HDD projects; preparing contract documents based on project delivery methods; construction monitoring; and estimating trenchless projects.

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With lectures led by Dennis Doherty, Ken Sorensen and David Kodokian, all recognized and upcoming leaders in the trenchless industry with more than 60 years of combined trenchless experience, class sizes are kept small, allowing for interaction and dialogue among participants and lecturers.

To date, Kleinfelder has successfully “graduated” two classes of participants, and the third is scheduled to kick off soon. Once the third class is complete, approximately 50 Kleinfelder employees will have been through the training program.

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Commenting on the program, one participant said, “I appreciated the diverse spectrum of trenchless technology topics, and the relatively small class size provided a great opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from experts in the field.”

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In addition to advancing the knowledge of Kleinfelder staff, the training program helps establish a high standard of quality that is practiced consistently across the company. Ultimately, Kleinfelder’s clients benefit from Kleinfelder’s investment in staff education, as participants of Kleinfelder’s Trenchless Technology University walk away more knowledgeable and prepared to implement best practices and creative solutions that minimize environmental and social impacts, reduce risk and construction costs, and maintain project schedules.

“My goal is to have all of our Kleinfelder trenchless engineers prepare designs that meet or exceed the trenchless industry’s best practices and standards of care,” Doherty stated. “A trenchless design is not just a line on a piece of paper, it has risk, and we design to manage the risk.”

SOURCE – Kleinfelder