July 2006: Trenchless International News

Brawoliner Passes Infiltration Test

In mid-February 2006, Thames Water plc, one of theUnited Kingdom’s main water companies, and Karl Otto Braun (KOB), along with itsU.K. renovation technology consultant CJ Kelly Associates Ltd., undertook astrictly controlled test to establish Brawoliner’s capacity to handleinstallation conditions including significant infiltration.

The test, while being promoted by Thames Water, has beendesigned, in conjunction with most U.K. water companies, to establish therelative performance of different lining systems in resisting:

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• The admittance of infiltration either through theliner wall or along any annular space between the liner and the host pipe
•The structural loads on the liner at unopened connections
• Groundwater orother pressures in laterals during installation
• Environmental damage tosoil and groundwater

The test, which is currently on the path to becoming aU.K water industry standard, is limited to those systems where a permanent tightfit is anticipated between the liner and the host pipe, including those whereresin may be exuded into any available spaces.

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Systems that rely on chemical bonding to the host pipewall or hydrophilic seals are deemed to require additional long-term testing,including cyclic loading and alternate wetting and drying cycles in fluidsmimicking sewage.

One important factor of the test is that it requires anyinstalled liner to have at least the same leak tightness level as that of a newpipe.

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For the Brawoliner test, a rig using a 200-mm diameterpipe was used to imitate a buried pipeline, subject to a 5-m head of waterpressure to give significant infiltration at the joints and from the branch. Thetest rig incorporated wide gaps at two pipe joints and narrow gaps at two otherpipe joints to be a maximum of 3 mm wide. A T branch with a 45-degree angle wasincluded in the test rig, positioned with the entry to the main pipe being 45degrees above the centerline of the main pipe.

The test allows assessment of the effectiveness oflinings at resisting infiltration that arises at the joints and theeffectiveness in prevention of the migration of infiltration, along any spacebetween the lining and the pipe that may arise through fractures or permeabilityof the host pipe.

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A series of ferrules and seals were used to ensure the5-m head of water test pressure could be applied at the joints and T section asrequired. For the Brawoliner test, the liner was installed under wetconditions.

The day after the liner was installed, the main testingprocedure began. Water pressure was applied across the test rig and measurementstaken over time.
With the external test pressure applied at all joints andthe branch for 30 minutes, the test showed zero end leakage from the ends of thetest rig or through the lining, indicating zero infiltration at any point alongthe rig.

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Individual tests were then run between the ferrules atjoint and branch locations to check for any annular leakage between ferrulepoints. Again, at each individual test location there was zero leakage andtherefore zero/no infiltration was found.

The Brawoliner infiltration test was a complete success.The test was observed by independent witnesses for the test rig construction,the liner installation operation and the test itself.

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Commenting on the Brawoliner test, Don Ridgers, ThamesWater plc., said: “Groundwater infiltration into sewers can be a significantproblem to the water industry, both in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. And thesewerage undertakers have been trying to find lasting solutions by thedevelopment of a common test method.

“The product testing that has been taking place over thelast two years has exposed just how poorly some of the available lining systemsperform with respect to leak tightness. Brawoliner is only the second product topass the test without supplementary seals.”

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Fourth Year for May Gurney UKSTT TrenchlessAwards

May Gurney Utility Services collected more trenchless technology awards atthe annual UKSTT dinner March 31 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. May Gurney wontwo out of the seven categories presented at the annual awards dinner for2005-06.

The Small Renovation Project Award was presented to the company for itsapproach on the rehabilitation of the distribution network around the MarazionMarshes, a highly sensitive environmental area of Cornwall for South WestWater.

The second award was for its utilization and trialing of Polymeric High Build(PUHB) on asbestos cement water mains, also for South West Water.

Les Metcalfe, mains rehabilitation manager, South West Water said, “This wasa superb evening for May Gurney and I congratulate the May Gurney team.”

This was the fourth year that May Gurney Utility Services has won awards atthe UKSTT Dinner and the second consecutive year that two awards have beenpresented. In 2005, Becky Gabriel won the Young Engineer award and the team alsowon the Small Renovation award for their approach to customer care on a sewerrenovation project.

May Gurney Utility Services director Ian Edwards said, “It’s a credit to thededication of our planning and construction teams that the company has collectedyet another handful of awards at this year’s UKSTT dinner. At May Gurney, welook to improve our levels of services to clients and their stakeholders acrossthe utility markets and believe the use and development of trenchless technologycontinues to bring the benefits of driving down costs, reducing trafficdisruption and offering a sound environmental approach.”

May Gurney has been active in the water mains and sewer rehabilitationmarkets for years and is constantly seeking new challenges to further developthe application of trenchless technologies in the market place.

CH2M Hill Board Meets in Singapore

CH2M Hill, a global full-service engineering, construction and operationsfirm, recently culminated a week-long tour of its offices in Asia by meeting inSingapore.

The board visit emphasized the firm’s growing investment in Singapore andcommitment to helping meet the country’s economic development and growinginfrastructure and environmental needs. This tour of Asia is the first time theboard had collectively met outside of North America.

“Seeing the expansive development in Singapore and Southeast Asia has been avaluable experience for our board members,” said Ralph Peterson, chairman andCEO of CH2M Hill. “I am extremely proud of the projects our people aredelivering daily and I am very encouraged that CH2M Hill is well positioned tohelp meet the critical infrastructure and services our government and industryclients need in this booming part of the world.”

While in Singapore, CH2M Hill’s board visited the Changi Water ReclamationPlant, one of the world’s largest wastewater reclamation facilities currentlyunder construction, with CH2M Hill serving as the program manager. The boardalso visited the NEWater reclamation facility. Both projects are being completedin partnership with CH2M Hill’s client, PUB, the national water agency ofSingapore.

The trip ended with an award ceremony, honoring Professor Tommy Koh with CH2MHill’s Building a Better World Award. CH2M Hill established the Building aBetter World in 1998 to honor outstanding persons or organizations dedicated toproviding the leadership, vision and action that significantly improves thelives of people and the countries, towns and villages where they live and work.Keynote remarks were delivered by guest of honor Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, Singapore’sMinister for the Environment and Water Resources and the Minister-in-Charge ofMuslim Affairs. CH2M Hill has been working in Singapore for 10 years. From its Singaporeoffice more than 160 CH2M Hill staff deliver innovative solutions and consultingservices in water, transportation, chemicals, energy, communications,electronics, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, power, governmentfacilities and infrastructure, environmental and nuclear. 

Inaugural CONEXPO Asia a Success

CONEXPO Asia 2006 was a great success, with preliminarysurveys of both attendees and exhibitors showing overwhelming support of theshow because of its professional organization and first-class customerservice.

The inaugural CONEXPO Asia was held May 15-18, at theChina National Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing. The show provided aquality learning experience with exhibits featuirng the latest equipment andtechnologies, an extensive industry-focused education program and live equipmentdemonstrations.

To produce CONEXPO Asia 2006, the Association ofEquipment Manufacturers (AEM) partnered with the China Chamber of Commerce forImport and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME), TransportTechnology Exchange Center of Ministry of Communications (TTEC) and E.J. Krauseand Associates.
Show organizers note that the quality and international mixof attendees was viewed quite favorably by both Chinese and internationalexhibitors and that there were many reports of equipment sales and large ordersfor machinery. CONEXPO Asia 2006 also received many complimentary comments fromattendees in onsite surveys of individual visitors and delegationgroups.

Final figures are being compiled but here are somepreliminary statistics on show attendees and exhibitors: CONEXPO Asia 2006featured 192 exhibitors using 16,099 net sq m of exhibit space to display thelatest product innovations that enhance safety, efficiency and productivity onthe worksite.

The show attracted more than 13,100 visitors from morethan 75 countries around the world. The top attendee countries were China,followed by Australia, the United States, Korea, India, Japan, Russia, thePhilippines, Singapore and Malaysia. International visitors accounted for about18 percent of total attendance and came from countries around the globe,including Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Egypt, Germany, Iraq, Italy, South Africa,United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.

“It is only fitting that AEM’s first show outside theUnited States took place in China, the most dynamic construction equipmentmarketplace in the world. The global scope of our attendance and the extremelyhigh-quality of show visitors illustrate the show’s appeal not only to Chineseindustry professionals but to the entire Asia Pacific marketplace and beyond,”stated show manager Petra Kaiser.
Education was an integral component ofCONEXPO Asia in addition to the exhibits and equipment demonstrations, withnearly 30 classroom sessions throughout the run of the show, presented by U.S.and Chinese industry professionals and focused on industry best practices andthe latest techniques and job processes. Nine different exhibiting manufacturersparticipated in the onsite live equipment demonstrations.

The show’s opening ceremony included more than 20high-level Chinese and international officials onstage, including: the Beijingvice mayor; key leaders of the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Water Resourcesand China Machinery Industry Federation; and major contractor groups includingSinohydro, China Railway Engineering Corp. and China International ContractorAssociation.

The next CONEXPO Asia is already in the planning stages, to be held in thefall of 2007 in Beijing, but the dates and facility have yet to beannounced.

Railhead Announces Sales Agreement

Railhead Underground Products LLC, Fort Worth, Texas,one of the world’s proven leaders in horizontal directional drilling tools,recently announced an exclusive worldwide sales and distribution agreement withTriple D Enterpris Inc.
This alliance will provide the undergroundconstruction contractors with one source for most of their tooling needs,Railhead officials say, noting that Railhead will continue to manufacture andprovide the Incredibit, Endurance and Bore Pro HDD tools.

The Railhead Bore Pro Series of tools is expanding toinclude Triple D’s Compaction Boring Tools, Pulling Eyes, Cable Pullers, SwivelEye Grips, Chain Grips, Roller Bearing Swivels, Pulling Slings and Plow Bladesto fit most major manufacturers’ machines.

For more information regarding this pact betweenRailhead and Triple D Enterprise Inc., contact your nearest Railheaddealer.

Black & Veatch Energy NamesDirector of Sales, Southeast Asia

Black &Veatch Energy, the energy business of Black & Veatch, recentlypromoted Dennis Ryan to director of sales for Southeast Asia.

In his new role, Ryan will lead the Southeast Asia sales efforts in variouscountries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines. Black &Veatch is currently focused on a number of energy and power projects in thisgrowing region.

As director of sales for the Southeast Asia region, Ryan will be dedicated todeveloping high-quality projects within the region, as well as to develop andenhance important client relationships.

Black & Veatch Corp. is a leading global engineering, consulting andconstruction company specializing in infrastructure development in energy,water, information and government markets. 

No-Dig India Set for December

The Indian Society for Trenchless Technology (INDSTT) has planned a nationalseminar Dec. 7-8 at the Scope Complex in New Dehli, called “No-Dig India:Capacity Building for Urban Renewal Through Trenchless Technology.”

The seminar will provide an opportunity for technology and sevice providers,such as engineers and designers, contracting service providers, equipmentmanufacturers, business analysts evaluating Indian infrastructure markets,academicians and researchers to share their experiences and ideas to promote theindustry and formulate longer-term plans on capacity for urban renewal throughtrenchless technology.

Seminar topics includes: development of subsurface infrastructure andmanagement; introduction of trenchless technology; application of trenchlesstechnology for urban renewal; procurement processes and capacity building fortrenchless technology applications, among others.

For more information on the seminar, contact the INDSTT at +91 11 41617862,E-mail at indstt@indstt.org or visit its Web site at www.indstt.org.

Renovation of Sewers to Bishops Palace in theU.K.

The Bishop’s Palace at Fulham in the United Kingdom has been undergoing aprogram of modernization and the new works included construction of a new 225-mmdiameter sewer.

Continuing its expansion into all areas of non-disruptive pipelineconstruction, Insituform, inventors of the cured-in-place pipeline (CIPP)technology used worldwide, was awarded this contract and recently completed theconstruction of some 260 m of new clayware sewer beneath the public parks,gardens and grounds of this historic palace.

Maintenance of public access to this historic and high-profile area was anessential requirement of the works and the contractors were complimented on theefficient and non-disruptive manner in which the works were carried out.
Theworks involved augering through the ballasts and clays of the palace groundsusing laser technology to guide the new pipeline. The steel sleeve initiallyinstalled was then replaced on line with Naylor Denlock pipework, all to thetolerances required for successful construction of this new gravitysewer.
The work was completed over a four-week period and the finishedtolerances were within 10 mm.

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