Jack Doheny Supplies Has Successful Open House

Twinsburg, Ohio-based Jack Doheny Supplies’ annual Open House has become one of a select few must-see events in the sewer cleaning and air handling industry. This year’s Jack Doheny Ohio Public Works Equipment Show (with technical seminars), held 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 13, drew just more than 800 public works officials and contractors from all over Ohio to see the latest equipment and technique developments.

This year, Jack Doheny unveiled its new Pipe Cleaning Proving Grounds, which will be the location for advanced training programs for pipe cleaning and advanced pipe inspection. Among the classes will include large diameter pipe cleaning techniques and tools, step cleaning methodology, nozzle applications and capacities, large and small diameter root cutting, vacuum tools and techniques and hydro excavating techniques and applications.

The open house featured live demos involving vacuum and air conveyance and pipe cleaning and lift station cleaning. The Ohio Open House featured equipment from Vactor, Guzzler, Elgin, IBAK, Aries and Sewer Equipment Co. of America.
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