ISCO Industries Opens Facility in Western Australia

ISCO Industries, a U.S.-based pipe supplier and custom manufacturer of high-density polyethylene piping products, has opened a new facility in Western Australia.

The new facility is located near Perth. This is ISCO’s second facility in Australia, with the first facility located in Brendale, Queensland near Brisbane.

The facility will support ISCO’s McElroy fusion machine sales and services for Western Australia customers, offering McElroy fusion machines for sale and hire. One of the main industries served from this facility will be Western Australia mining operations.

ISCO Australia operations sales manager Trace Temcoff said: “When ISCO first decided to set up operations within Australia in 2007, the Perth area was seriously considered as a location due to the amount of polyethylene piping systems being welded in Western Australia.

“Later that year, however, we decided to open a facility in Brisbane, Queensland. With the continued growth potential that exists in Western Australia, as well as the challenge faced to properly service the market from across the continent, it became obvious we needed to better support our customers with current and future projects in this area.”

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