ISCO Industries Celebrates 50 Years in Business

ISCO Industries, a Louisville, Ky.-based and family-owned pipe supplier and custom manufacturer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping products, celebrates 50 years in business this year.

ISCO was founded on June 21, 1962, by the late Jim Kirchdorfer, Sr. as an irrigation supply company, supplying mainly golf course irrigation systems. Kirchdorfer Sr. began the business out of the back room of his father’s hardware store in Louisville. Today the company is still headquartered in the same location.

In the 1970s, ISCO began supplying high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe to the golf and water/sewer industries, eventually expanding into more markets. In the 1980s, ISCO streamlined its product offerings and expanded sales into the industrial market, as well as added a fabrication plant for HDPE fittings. In the 1990s and 2000s, ISCO further grew its business through several acquisitions and by opening new facilities. In 2004, ISCO was honored with a presidential visit from George W. Bush to discuss the value of American business.
Over the years, ISCO Industries expanded and evolved into a global piping solutions company with more than 25 facilities around the world. ISCO now supplies pipe – mainly high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe; custom fabricates HDPE piping products such as fittings, manholes, geothermal vaults, and more; and rents, sells and refurbishes McElroy fusion equipment worldwide for a variety of markets.

“It is the people of ISCO who drive the business,” said ISCO CEO James J. Kirchdorfer. “It’s the people who form relationships with our customers and add value to the products and services we offer. It is also the people who lead the innovation, and the creativity of the people, that fuels our progress and growth.”

Since 1962, ISCO Industries, a global customized piping solutions provider headquartered in Louisville, Ky., stocks and sells HDPE pipe, a wide variety of piping materials and offers custom HDPE fabrication to provide piping solutions for multiple applications, such as: energy/oil patch; mining; industrial; municipal; power; environmental; geothermal (ground source); golf; culvert-lining; and landfill, throughout the United States and internationally. The company also rents, services and sells McElroy fusion equipment. ISCO has more than 25 facilities globally – inventorying large stockpiles of pipe, including HDPE pipe, usually within a one day delivery of most projects. 
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