IPEX & Underground Solutions Sign Canadian Licensing Agreement

IPEX has entered into an exclusive arrangement with Underground Solutions Inc. (UGSI) that will see IPEX become UGSI’s exclusive licensee for Fusible PVC pipe systems in Canada. Under the terms of the agreement, IPEX will assume responsibility for the manufacture, sales and technical support of all Fusible PVCTM products in Canada.

“There is tremendous interest in Fusible PVC pipe in Canada,” stated Alex Mestres, IPEX vice president of corporate planning. “Municipalities see the benefit of a fully restrained, fused joint on a pipe that is completely compatible with their existing systems and procedures. Our agreement with UGSI will allow these benefits to be offered to all municipalities across Canada. We look forward to a long partnership with UGSI.”

UGSI president and CEO Andy Seidel echoed these comments. “We believe Fusible PVC pipe has a great future in Canada. When looking for a Canadian partner it was quickly apparent that IPEX had the technical resources and customer support expertise to build on our initial work and make Fusible PVC pipe the standard for trenchless applications in Canada,” he said.

Mestres added, “Fusible PVC pipe is a game-changing innovation. It has applications for trenchless installations, seismic areas and other projects requiring fully restrained joints. We are confident that the higher flows, standard fittings and higher stiffness associated with PVC pipe are a natural choice for municipal applications.”

As one of the largest thermoplastic piping systems companies in the North America, IPEX has a track record of developing innovative products for the municipal, electrical, industrial and plumbing markets across the continent. UGSI pioneered the concept of Fusible PVC pipe and has led the development of the market for the product since 2003.
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