MaxLiner WovoX

Introducing… WovoX™. The Next Generation of the WovoLiner® System.  

Sister companies Applied Felts® (the world’s most innovative manufacturer of quality CIPP liners) and MaxLiner ® (delivering the industry’s most comprehensive CIPP liner solution for relining vertical and lateral pipelines) introduced the first generation of WovoLiner® to the North American market in 1999. 

With the ability to line multiple 90-degree turns, WovoLiner changed how the industry looked at small diameter lining and its challenges.

Enter WovoX™. The Next Generation addition to the WovoLiner suite of products. No question, a GAME CHANGER!

  • Improved upsize capabilities
  • Multiple bends up to 90 degrees
  • Increased consistency for calculating stretch & drawback

Yes, you read that right – more control. Not too short, not too long. Up to 2 existing pipe diameter changes with one liner, 90-degree turns, no wrinkles, no folds, without sacrificing finished thickness.

The Wovo System helps installers looking to add in-building lining to their repertoire with a product capable of lining around multiple bends easily and with spectacular finished qualities. With the addition of WovoX to the MaxLiner WovoLiner System, difficult installations are transformed into simple installations.

Wovo System Accolades

Keith Smoker, Plumbing Specialist with Mr. Rooter of Northwest Florida has been installing small diameter CIPP for 14 years and when he first started using WovoLiner seven years ago, he and his team became instant believers in its capabilities.

“We primarily install small diameter CIPP under buildings and houses,” says Smoker. “Having a product that is always reliable to install through multiple bends is always an asset.”

“WovoLiner is our go-to liner for under slab installs due to minimal wrinkling around bends, no stitching, and ease of installation.”

In residential settings like the ones Smoker encounters daily, the pipes typically range in diameter from 4-inch down to 2-inch. Typically, CIPP professionals get heartburn at the mere thought of lining pipes that small. But with WovoLiner’s blend of flexibility and low-pressure inversion, installers are approaching projects that used to be deemed impossible with confidence.

“Our crew just finished a project that we never would have even attempted in the past without the capabilities that WovoLiner gives us,” said Smoker. “We just recently were able to minimize potential significant demolition inside a newly remodeled apartment building due to compromised 2-inch rotted cast iron piping. WovoLiner gives us the capability to install liners in 2-inch cast iron on a routine basis, which is an asset to our underground crew and for our customers.” 

Commitment to Innovation

MaxLiner/Applied Felts team is committed to continued improvement and product development. Stay tuned for more details on our newest liner innovation, WovoGlass™ (available in coated or uncoated), that will deliver: 

  • Increased physical properties
  • A thinner profile capable of multiped bends up to 90 degrees and transitions
  • Multiple Uses – inversion, pull-in-place and spot repairs
  • Greater flexibility 
  • Less resin needed
  • Heat Cure, Light Cure & Ambient Cure

Click Here to learn more about the timing of the release of WovoX and WovoGlass and pre-ordering availability.

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