How to Select the Right Drain Cleaning Machine

One of the most important shifts in the power tool industry was when Milwaukee Tool introduced lithium-ion technology to professional power tools in 2005. This changed how contractors viewed cordless tool capability, paved the way for improvements, and provided the freedom of portable power in endless locations on the jobsite.

This technology has started to make its way into the drain cleaning industry. As cordless technology continues to introduce new proprietary features and functionalities in drain cleaning equipment, breaking down the previous barriers of corded equipment, the answer is clearer than ever. Cordless drain cleaning is the safer, more productive option.

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Why Go Cordless? Here’s 4 Reasons:

1. Enhanced Safety

Cords and standing water — few things are a worse match. This is a known dangerous combination, yet it has been an accepted reality during many drain cleaning jobs. Cordless drain cleaning machines eliminate cords altogether, thus preventing the hazards associated with electricity and water.

2. Ease of Setup

A frequent challenge when working with drain cleaning equipment is finding access to power. Often, you don’t have access to power when accessing a line. With cordless solutions, you can easily set up and get to work without having to look for and maintain power. In addition, cordless solutions are optimized to tackle multiple jobs on a single battery charge. Ensuring that you have the power and run time to get the line opened without being tethered to the outlet.

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3. Expanding Equipment Capabilities

Cordless technology allows for the development of new proprietary features and functionalities that breakdown barriers found on corded equipment. Cordless solutions allow for innovation in transportation of the equipment to increase portability to and from the job — something corded solutions can’t tackle when tethered to an outlet. An example is the MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine w/POWERTREDZ. It’s easily transported by one-person up and entire flight of stairs or into a van using the patented tread design.

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