Helping operators elevate their game

It takes a certain kind of commitment to make things happen on a jobsite. Advertisement

There are obstacles to avoid. Deadlines to meet. Challenges to overcome.

Operators must get their work done with precision and efficiency. It takes focus, skill, dedication, and perseverance. And it requires a machine that is up to the task.

We designed the 85 P-Tier Excavator with operators in mind.

And we began by focusing on the very place where they spend their workdays. 

John Deere 85 P-Tier


A larger, brand-new cab makes it easier for operators to settle in for long hours. The 85 P-Tier Excavator features more overall cab volume and over nine inches of additional floor space compared to the G-Series model. Even the seat is on another level — with a heated cloth air-suspension design and easily adjustable armrests.

A wide expanse of front and side glass, narrow front cab posts, a large tinted overhead window, and numerous mirrors enable outstanding visibility. On top of that, isolated cab mounts help reduce noise and vibration.

There are practical upgrades, too. The boom swing has been moved off the floor and integrated into the pilot-control lever. That means no more hard-to-reach floor pedal and extra room for your legs.


Of course, there’s more to a machine than comfort.

You need the power to plow through your to-do-list — and the 85 P-Tier Excavator is here for it.

This mid-size machine boasts increased power and pump torque to add digging strength. The engine has 17-percent more engine horsepower compared to the previous model — and machine stability is enhanced by 10 percent, meaning you can move heavy loads without losing balance.


We didn’t just think about what operators must do. The 85 P-Tier Excavator factors in where they need to do it.

Operators are asked to accomplish big tasks in small spaces, navigating tight corners and avoiding multiple obstacles at the same time.

A reduced-tail-swing design provides flexible performance in these close spaces, meaning operators can get their work done even in cramped conditions. It’s the kind of nimble precision that can make all the difference on a challenging jobsite.


On top of that, there are a bevy of other features and updates available in the 85 P-Tier Excavator.

That includes optional angle blade with float to make backfill and grading tasks easier. It also offers continuous-flow auxiliary hydraulics with timers to help keep temperatures in check — something that comes in handy when using hydraulic hammers, rotary cutters, and mulching attachments.

Right, rear, and left 270-degree camera systems provide operator visibility around the machine. That means enhanced safety and a better view of anything or anyone that might come within the machine’s swing zone. And standard LED work lights improve visibility when you’re lacking natural light.  

On top of that, you’ll have the connectivity and peace of mind that come with JDLink™ and the John Deere Operations Center™. This technology allows you to gather key data points and monitor machine performance so you can identify little problems before they grow into big issues.


Keeping tabs on your machine — and making sure it’s properly maintained — is essential. With the 85 P-Tier Excavator, we made maintenance easier.

Large hinged doors provide wide-open access to service components. Ground-level fuel filling make for less downtime and increase safety by keeping operators from having to climb on the machine.

At the end of the day, it’s skilled operators that spark the success of an operation.

But that’s only possible with machines that are capable of keeping pace, with the power, versatility, durability, and intelligence all operators deserve.

The 85 P-Tier was built to do exactly that.

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