HDD Tool Maker Holds Open House

An enclosed tent and the aroma of grilling burgers marked the spot of Infinity Tool Manufacturing LLC’s grand opening on Tuesday.

Community and business leaders learned about the products being manufactured from co-owners Kenny Sentel and Todd Taylor.

Sentel, owner of KS Bit Inc., said production has begun.

“It has always been a dream of mine to manufacture bits for the drilling industry,” he said. “It is a pleasure to partner with Todd.”

Sales and marketing director Eli Cox said told The Benton Evening News Infinity Tool manufactures a complimentary line of products for the horizontal directional drilling industry.

“We are using state of the art machinery and manufacture DTH (down the hole) hammer bits, PDC (polycrystalline diamond cutters) bits and also provide custom machining,” he said.
Sentel said the hammer bits vary in size.

“We manufacture anything from a three-inch to a 12-inch bit and have industry shanks and various formations available,” he said.

Taylor said the local manufacturing operation carries a lot of experience.

“Infinity Tool Manufacturing has more than 50 years of experience in the drilling industry and takes pride in providing a quality product,” he said. “We take every step possible to provide the very best customer service.”

Sentel said the business goes the extra mile to assure a quality product.

“PDC bits range in size from 4-3/4- to 12-1/4-inch and have steel bodies,” he said. “We offer fixed or interchangeable nozzles and various formations are available. We also do custom machining.”

Cox said the tool manufacturer currently has seven employees.

“We plan to add more employees in the future,” he said. “We are conveniently located in Benton Industrial Park II in West City, adjacent to Interstate 57. Our products can be delivered in a few days from coast to coast and across the borders. We ship to many countries around the world.”

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