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Gupta Appointed President of CuraFlo

new jobCuraFlo recently promoted Sanjiv Gupta to president of CuraFlo for both Canada and the United States. Gupta has been with CuraFlo of British Columbia for 18 years and has made CuraFlo of British Columbia the leader in the blow-through market of epoxy lining in Canada.

“Our dedication to quality and a fair price is what sets us apart,” says Gupta. “I look forward to building off the current success in the United States and to continue to deliver our clients the leading solutions for pipe rehabilitation or pipe replacement”.

Founded by commercial plumbers in the Pacific Northwest in 1996, CuraFlo has been a pioneer in the plumbing industry. Unlike typical plumbers who tend to be more reactive, CuraFlo decided to take a more proactive approach. By working with its customers on an ongoing basis and looking at their plumbing systems more comprehensively, CuraFlo is able to anticipate problems before they become costly, disruptive disasters.

Recognizing the burdens re-piping places on property managers in multi-tenant housing, schools, universities and other institutions, CuraFlo develops alternative technologies that would allow for the restoration of failing pipes instead of replacement. CuraFlo’s research led to the development of its proprietary epoxy pipe lining process the CuraFlo Engineered Flow Lining System.

In 2006 CuraFlo added to its epoxy pipe lining arsenal by acquiring Triton Insitutech, which developed an “in situ” trenchless pipe rehabilitation technology called “spincasting. Renamed the CuraFlo Spincast System this process enables the restoration of water mains, fire lines, and larger diameter water supply lines in place quickly and cost effectively.

The company’s CuraPoxy epoxy is certified by The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials for commercial hot water, the highest standard established for potable water.
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