Granite Inliner LogoGranite Construction Inc. announced that its Granite Inliner division in the Water and Mineral Services Group has been awarded $22.5 million in sewer rehabilitation contracts in Ontario.

One project is a $14 million contract by the City of Hamilton, Ontario for the cleaning, inspection and structural rehabilitation of existing sewers. The other is a $8.5 million contract by the Region of Niagara, Ontario for the Stamford Interceptor Rehabilitation project.

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Both projects will be completed by LiquiForce, Granite Inliner’s Canadian based rehabilitation services company that serves water and wastewater customers in Canada and Michigan.

“These two awards are examples of our growing market share in the trenchless rehabilitation solutions and highlight the value of the LiquiForce team,” said James H. Roberts, president and CEO of Granite.

Scope of work for the City of Hamilton includes 100 percent trenchless lateral rehabilitation using cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) methods, manhole rehabilitation, closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection of sewers and laterals, wastewater system lining and minor open cut repairs as required. Since 2011, LiquiForce has installed more than 6,000 lateral liners in Hamilton and inspected over 10,000 laterals without a single clean-out being installed.

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Scope of work for the Stamford Interceptor Rehabilitation project includes the rehabilitation of 7,600 ft of new and existing 1,050-mm and 1,200-mm diameter sanitary sewer main, bypassing the entire system including three pumping stations, and rehabilitating 23 manholes.

The contract with the Region of Niagara was included in Granite’s fourth quarter 2018 backlog and the contract with the City of Hamilton will be included in Granite’s first quarter 2019 backlog.

SOURCE – Granite Construction Inc.