Godwin & Flygt Support Recovery Efforts at N.Y. Wastewater Treatment Plant

Godwin Pumps, manufacturer of the Dri-Prime automatic self-priming, dry-running pump, has been mobilizing pipe and crew to aid in the efforts at the North River Wastewater Treatment Plant following a recent fire there.
Five pump engines caught fire in the machine room at the treatment plant in Harlem July 20. The 75-ft lift station fire had caused sewage to enter watersheds and attached beaches. The total required capacity of the facility is about 120 mgd in dry-weather conditions. The two remaining engines that drive the main sewage pumps have been supplemented with six Flygt electric submersible sewage pumps, ranging from 150 hp to 240 hp, to alleviate the temporary overflow conditions. The Flygt pumps were supplied from Cincinnati and Chicago.
Godwin Pumps is supporting the job with piping and engineering. Temporary piping was shipped to the treatment plant, including more than 2,000 ft of 18-in. pipe and 6,000 ft of 24-in. pipe. Several pipe fusion machines are onsite, with technicians operating them around the clock in order to improve the situation as quickly as possible.
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