Frank Aguilar Named Avanti International Vice President of Operations



Avanti International appointed Frank Aguilar to vice president of operations and integrator of business endeavors.

Aguilar has been part of Houston-based Avanti International for more than 15 years, serving 14 years as technical product manager with responsibilities including product development and research, technical support and international relations.

“Frank exhibits extraordinary knowledge of our products as well as a detailed understanding of our core processes – if there are ever questions, you can count on Frank to know the answer,” says Daniel Magill, Avanti president. “It is a privilege to have him as a member of our team!”

Along with his role as vice president of operations, Aguilar has also been appointed integrator. The integrator role aims to be the glue that holds the organization together – from helping eliminate obstacles to heading special projects.

Aguilar’s new role as Avanti’s vice president of operations is focused on overseeing day-to-day business responsibilities from all departments of the company.

“As vice president of operations – and integrator, my role is to understand the pulse of the company, and work to continuously improve each department in order to provide a memorable experience to our customers,” Aguilar says. “It is an honor to hold this position.”
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