FLOWTITE FRP Passes ‘Greenbook’ Pickle Jar Test

FLOWTITE fiberglass pipe (FRP), manufactured by Thompson Pipe Group, demonstrated its ability to withstand chemically harsh conditions by passing the City of Los Angeles’s pickle jar test.

The pickle jar test examines the physical properties of materials used in sewers through the long-term exposure to corrosive agents. In order to be specified for jobs in the City and County of Los Angeles, products must pass the applicable tests listed in the reference guide known as the Greenbook: Standard Plans for Public Works Construction. The pickle jar test was conducted by RamTech, an independent laboratory sanctioned by the City of Los Angeles, and provides third-party confirmation that FLOWTITE can withstand harsh sewer conditions.
“The pickle jar test provides third-party validation to what we’ve known already known, that FLOWTITE FRP is a strong, affordable pipe solution,” said Thompson Pipe Group president, Ken Thompson. Annually, more than 1,500 miles of FLOWTITE is manufactured worldwide.

As part of the pickle jar test, FLOWTITE was exposed to nine different aggressive chemical solutions for more than three months. The test compares the weight, durometer hardness and the axial tensile strength after 112 days of exposure.

The Greenbook, originally published in 1967, is designed to provide specification requirements for public works projects. Currently, more than 200 cities, counties and agencies have adopted it as the standard for public work construction specifications. The Greenbook makes it possible for organizations to receive reliable trusted data without having to fund their own independent tests.
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