Envirosight ROVVER X SAT II Makes Finding Gas Line Cross Bores in Sewers Faster, More Accurate

Envirosight has released the new ROVVER X SAT II lateral launch inspection crawler. The system maneuvers around obstacles and challenging pipe geometries to rapidly detect gas line cross bores in sewers and other hard-to-reach defects.

The crawler can travel as far as 984 ft down mainlines at speeds up to 98 ft per minute, then launch its camera probe as far as 147 ft down adjoining service connections, at up to 23 ft per minute.

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The ROVVER X SAT II also features a patent-pending belt-driven mechanism that minimizes wear on the push rod while maximizing pushing force. The design, which is easy to clean and has field-replaceable belts, is intended to increase uptime and keep maintenance costs low. Steerable 8-wheel drive makes it easier to move past debris, roots, offsets and protruding taps. During launch, the pan/tilt lateral camera with detachable steering wand navigates through bends and branches in lateral lines.

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“Cross bore location is one of the most critical and challenging applications in sewer inspection,” says Richard Lindner, president of Envirosight. “When we decided to design a new lateral launch crawler, we started with a blank piece of paper and wrote down everything our customers had been asking for—more range, more speed, more traction, more productivity, lower cost of ownership, unrivaled uptime. The ROVVER X SAT II is a direct result of this process.”

Easily reconfigured for a range of applications, the ROVVER X SAT II comes with wheels of varying sizes that interchange without tools, and a launch chute that accepts off-the-shelf PVC tubes to adapt to different pipe diameters. The complete range of configurations offers launch capabilities in pipes from six inches up to 80 inches in diameter. The crawler’s unique hinged body bends through vertical accesses as narrow as 12.5 inches in diameter, and locks rigid when not needed.

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The ROVVER X SAT II system also has three cameras:

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  • A launch camera with 360-degree pan articulation and +150/-30-degree tilt

  • A five megapixel aiming camera that offers digital pan/tilt/zoom capability for pinpoint launching in any size line

  • A rear-facing camera to help manage cable during reverse crawl

Pressure, inclination and distance sensors all feed into a user-friendly interface. Twin sonde transmitters allow accurate location of crawler and launch camera.

SOURCE – Envirosight

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