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Efficient Underground Products Launches Leak-Stop Technology

Efficient Underground Products Process

The Inflow Stop-Seal process developed by Efficient Underground Products founder Ron Zito.

Efficient Underground Products was founded to promote the Inflow Stop-Seal product, which was invented, patented, developed and tested by owner, Ron Zito.

Designed with simplicity in mind, Inflow Stop-Seal offers a more efficient and affordable technology for repairing structural fissures and infiltration leaks and is ideal for use by manufacturers and contractors in the underground industry.

Zito has worked in underground construction for more than 30 years, establishing a solid and reliable reputation throughout the State of Michigan.

“While there have been many pioneering changes in the underground industry in the past three decades, very little improvement has been seen in the manner in which frustrating structural leaks are being repaired,” said Zito. “This is the primary reason for starting Efficient Underground Products and developing our innovative and proven Inflow Stop-Seal technology.”

The Inflow Stop-Seal patented design is a one-of-a-kind solution for manholes and tunnels, large diameter pipe, flat walls and more. It is an underground structure crack repair technology and sealant that requires no major drilling, which maintains the strength and integrity of the structure. Simply inject, seal and pressure test cracks in pipe precast structures before and/or after placement into the ground.

Inflow Stop-Seal eliminates time-consuming and costly archaic methods for repairing structural fissures and infiltration leaks. It requires minimal training, is designed to be very simple to operate, and is ideal for use by pipe and structure manufacturers and contractors. This innovative product uses a minimal amount of grout to seal cracks by forcing mix directly into the breach through the structure wall to the point of ground water entry.

For more information, visit efficientundergroundproducts.com, call 810-516-5366 or email efficientundergroundproducts@gmail.com.
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