Drane Ranger Adds Quarterly Maintenance Plans for Grease Trap Cleaning in Alvin, Texas

In December, Houston-based Drane Ranger announced that it now offers quarterly maintenance plans for grease trap cleaning in Alvin, Texas.

“We offer several services for all of your grease trap cleaning needs,” said Jeb Woods, spokesperson for Drane Ranger.”

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Woods went on to explain that due to the nature of grease traps, they require comprehensive and regular cleaning and maintenance.

“Leaving them uncleaned leads to many issues. We make sure to have clear documentation and compliance validation,” Woods said. “We offer complete grease trap cleaning and maintenance, including grease trap odor control to ensure that your traps remain effective and do not interfere with the safe and sanitary running of your business.”

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Woods noted that common in car washes, grit is rarely more than dirt and sand, especially in the Houston area. “That said, grit needs to be disposed of in a safe and proper manner,” said Woods. “Drane Ranger has the equipment and certified staff necessary to properly collect and dispose of grit in your traps, and will ensure your grit traps are properly maintained.”

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Woods went on to point out that if you own a laundry services business or see a lot of laundries run through your company, then you know that lint can cause major issues with your heating and plumbing systems.

“That is why large-scale lint traps are necessary for smooth, safe operations,” Woods said. “Drane Ranger will ensure your lint traps are properly emptied and maintained to protect your plumbing, which can shut down your business for days, and protect your business.”

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SOURCE – Drane Ranger