Dow Systems & RS Technik Group Sign Global Alliance

Dow Systems, a global business unit of The Dow Chemical Co., and RS Technik Group (including RS Technik, RS Lining Systems and Maxliner) recently announced that they will form a global commercial alliance focusing on the sewer pipeline rehabilitation market, specifically on cured-in-place pipe (CIPP).

This alliance will combine Dow’s high-technology performance resin systems, characterized by high chemical resistance and mechanical properties, with the state-of-the-art CIPP technology developed and owned by RS Technik Group. It will further increase the partners’ competitive advantages and differentiate the many benefits they offer versus other CIPP providers. The announcement was made during the International Water Week held in Singapore.

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“Dow Epoxy Systems has a strategic focus on the protection of high value infrastructures, or those infrastructures whose failure carry major economic and environmental impact. Sewer pipeline rehabilitation fits squarely within this focus, and it is a key area for business development and growth,” said Pepe Carnevale, global general manager, Dow Epoxy Systems. “Dow’s global alliance with RS Technik Group represents a significant step forward for Dow in becoming the worldwide leader in epoxy-based solutions for the trenchless industry.”

“This alliance with Dow will further enhance RS Technik Group ability to be a global leader in trenchless technology solutions, accelerating our growth and the development of the CIPP technology against other less competitive solutions and the traditional dig-and-replace options,” explained Klaus Mueller, president of the board, RS Technik AG. “The expanding pipeline rehabilitation sector will benefit from the progressive leveraging of Dow Systems solutions, a significant factor in this alliance.”

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Dow Systems is a global industry leader in the development and formulation of fully formulated polyurethane and epoxy systems, focused on providing its customers worldwide with innovative tailor-made solutions for energy conservation, wind energy, high value infrastructure protection and consumer products.

Headquartered in Europe, RS Technik Group is a market leader in epoxy-based CIPP solutions and systems for the trenchless industry. RS Technik Group comprises RS Technik, RS Lining Systems (exclusive distributor in North, South and Central America of the RS CityLiner) and MaxLiner USA.

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