DECAST’s IFC System Gaining Acceptance in Ontario


DECAST’s IFC system for maintenance holes is gaining acceptance in Canada.


In the last five years Utopia, Ontario-based DECAST has worked to redesign the conventional maintenance hole system, which DECAST engineers note have not seen much in the way of change for the last 50 years. The outcome is DECAST’s IFC system. IFC stands for integrated frame and cover.

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DECAST chose to redesign the conventional maintenance hole system in order to create a longer lasting, more durable, effective system to address the current inflow and infiltration (I/I) concerns and requirements of all municipalities. The presently used grade adjustment rings (also known as moduloc) split and crumble, which permit unwanted I/I, causing the asphalt road surface to crack and fail. With the IFC system, the constant, chronic rehabilitation required due to traffic loading, and the forces of the freeze-thaw cycle, will be greatly reduced.

The IFC system has a revised tapered top, which is compatible with the standard riser sections currently in use. Instead of multiple grade rings, the IFC has a single precast adjustment unit. The IFC components fit within each other and are bounded by a high strength grout to form a single, monolithic structure. Having no horizontal joints is the key to minimizing I/I. To top it all off, a telescopic cast iron frame fits into the concrete monolithic structure, making adjustment to final asphalt faster, easier and with less disruption to the road. The frame floats with the asphalt, eliminating asphalt failures caused by freeze-thaw cycles.

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By eliminating the conventional grade adjustment rings, the IFC system will have lower maintenance costs and lower system operating costs, by reducing unwanted groundwater I/I. When the IFC system is used, maintenance holes and existing asphalt roads will have an increased lifespan and in addition, existing storm and sanitary sewers will have increased capacities.

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To date governmental agencies and municipalities that have added IFC to their accepted use list include:

  • “Accepted For Use” classification from The Road Authority (TRA), Products Management Committee (PMC). TRA is a membership service of Ontario Good Roads Association

  • Durham Region has added the IFC to their Approved Manufacturers’ Products List

  • Peel Region has incorporated the IFC System in the new Peel Region Standard Drawings

  • Vaughan has classified the IFC as an accepted use

  • Markham has classified the IFC as an accepted use

  • Pickering to have IFCs installed in the Seaton Community development, one of the largest residential developments in Canadian history, modern and diverse community of over 8,000 new homes

  • Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has endorsed the IFC system

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