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COVID-19’s Impact on the Trenchless Industry

In the midst of this public health and economic crisis, Trenchless Technology wants to share with our readers how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting how trenchless contractors and manufacturers are doing business.

Many in the construction industry are deemed an “essential” business and remain open, despite shelter in place orders in more than 24 states; others are not. Infrastructure has been determined to be a critical essential infrastructure business by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and to that end we want to hear from you.

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At Trenchless Technology, we are currently working from our individual homes, bringing you the world of trenchless the best way we can. We will continue to do that. Your work continues and will be shared.

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We want you to let us know how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting your business. Tell us what’s happening in your company or organization. Tell us how your employees are doing their part, as well.

Please take a minute to review these questions and respond to Sharon Bueno, managing editor, at sbueno@benjaminmedia.com.

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  1. How has the COVID-19 impacted how you are doing business? What is your current situation?

  2. What precautions are you taking for the safety of your business, employees and customers?

  3. How is COVID-19 affecting how you operate?

We will include the information in an online story and include updates as companies share their stories and later include it in an issue of Trenchless Technology.

Also, if you wish to be a part of a video or podcast-style interview, please let us know. We can share your story and perspective with our readers and the trenchless community.

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Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sharon Bueno, managing editor, at sbueno@benjaminmedia.com. Please consider contributing so we can let our global trenchless community know how you are — We are all in this together!

Be safe. Be well.

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Thanks so much!

The Trenchless Technology Team.

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