Underground Solutions Inc. has entered into an exclusive licensing agreementwith Cantex Inc., a division of Sumitomo Corp., to utilize UndergroundSolutions’ proprietary fusible PVC technologies to manufacture and distribute aco-branded line of Fusible PVC conduit for the electrical and communicationindustries.
Cantex, headquartered in Mineral Wells, Texas, is a leadingproducer of PVC conduit products with eight manufacturing facilities and over 30warehouses across the country.

“UGSI is delighted to partner with such a progressive company as Cantex as weintroduce our Fusible PVC technologies to the rapidly growing electrical andcommunications conduit markets,” says Mark Smith, CEO of Underground Solutions.“Cantex’s manufacturing facilities feature some of the most modern productionequipment and advanced process technology found anywhere in the industry.Cantex’s reputation and strong distribution system will position Fusible PVCelectrical-communications conduit as the product of choice for both trenchlessand conventional conduit installations.”

Cantex president Don Wirtanen says the partnership will help expand thepotential of Fusible PVC. “Horizontal directional drilling and other trenchlessinstallation methods are rapidly growing within the electrical andcommunications conduit industries,” Wirtanen says. “Fusible PVC provides ourcustomers with a solution that is both economical and technically superior.”

Underground Solutions, an infrastructure technology and trenchless pipelinerehabilitation company, specializes in products that facilitate continuous,monolithic, gasket-free PVC piping or conduit in trenchless or open-cutapplications.

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