CJ Kelly Associates and Brawoliner Celebrate 15 Years Together

During the course of 2014, CJ Kelly Associates celebrated its 15th year as the only Official Appointed U.K. distributor for Brawoliner across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Commenting on this historic event for the company, CJ Kelly Associates senior partner John Kelly said: “Working with Brawoliner for the past 15 years has been a long and very effective co-operation for both our companies, which has been proven by the longevity of the arrangement. Our intimate knowledge of Brawoliner systems, how they work, their time- and cost-effectiveness as well as the full range of product applicability enables us to match client needs whatever circumstances may arise.”

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In terms of the Brawoliner products available through C J Kelly Associates, potential and existing customers have access to some of the latest state of the art pipeline rehabilitation systems on the market today including:

• Brawoliner, which is a seamless flexible textile liner, specially designed for the rehabilitation of small diameter pipes from 50 to 225 mm, with multiple bends of up to 90 degrees.

• Brawoliner 3D, which was developed especially to meet the demands of pipelines with varying dimension changes or situations where several diameter jumps occur over one pipe length. Brawoliner 3D is available for dimensions from DN 100 to DN 225, the seamless textile liner adjusts itself to every pipe diameter during the installation process without operator intervention and ensures a crease free finish to the cured liner.

• Brawoliner HT, which meets the increasing demands for pipeline rehabilitation in the domestic situations and inside buildings of various types to minimize disruption and internal damage while being able to handle wastewater flows at temperatures greater than 93°C.

• Products can also be utilized in vertical liner installations such as vertical rainwater drainage and effluent pipes, as well as horizontal.

• Steam generators, which enhance the curing process to speed up installation times and minimize access requirements and disruption to the client and general public.

• BRAWOLINER DocuBox 2.0 is a versatile, intuitively operated unit that records all data necessary for liner renovation and presents it on a 7-in. color screen. This allows potential fault sources to be identified and avoided during the actual installation.

• Rehabilitation accessories include liner inversion drums and all other equipment needed to complete a successful lining operation.

• Also offered is a full consultancy service for clients and potential clients of Brawoliner.

As well as the Brawoliner connection, C J Kelly Associates also works with MC Building Chemicals, which is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of resins for sewer pipe rehabilitation. The MC range includes ultra-high chemical-resistant epoxy resins for both full length drain liners and part liner repairs.

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As well as dealing direct with clients, C J Kelly Associates also has a dealer network, including ER Systems and ER Technical Services and Lining Division.

More recently, CJ Kelly Associates has re-affirmed its established distribution agreement for Härke packers, which also offers other convenient products. The company views this business area one that could potentially offer significant expansion in trade. Härke offers a range of packers, pipe stoppers and leak testing equipment including most recently a single packer that is designed to work in both 100-mm (4-in) and 150-mm (6-in) diameter pipes so eliminating the need to buy two packers to cover those diameters.

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In Februry 2014, CJ Kelly Associates launched its brand new website, www.cjkelly.com, which offers full details of the complete line of Brawoliner products, the consultancy and advice services currently offered by the company and the Härke packer range. In addition to this the website also has a webstore where the Härke packers can be purchased online with the minimum of fuss.

This article was provided by CJ Kelly Associates, Peterborough, United Kingdom.

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