A 387-foot section of Gautier’s main sewer artery received what amounts to a plastic stent Thursday.

A cured-in-place pipe liner was installed in the 30-inch sewer line on Old Spanish Trail used by most of the city, said Jere Shuster, manager of the water and sewer department.

“The only thing that doesn’t come through here is Dolphin,” said Shuster. “I would say half of Gautier comes through here.”

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Photo by Harlan Kirgan/Press-Register

As a sock-like resin and fiber material moves through a 30-inch sewer main in Gautier on Thursday, J.B. Conant of Suncoast Infrastructure, right and water and sewer foreman Charlie Rouse, left, take a photos. City Manager Sidney Runnels, center, watches.The white material can be seen in the hole through a section of the pipe that had collapsed.

The sock-like felt-and-resin material entered the sewer line at the north end of Bemis Avenue, a street often plagued with sewer overflows.

“This is the beginning,” he said. “This is not going to solve it, but this is the beginning of hopefully the fix,” he said.

J.B. Conant of Suncoast Infrastructure, a Florence company, said a video of the sewer line showed it choked with sand and debris. A section near Bemis Avenue had collapsed.

To read the entire story about this project, check out The Mississippi Press by clicking on this link: https://blog.gulflive.com/mississippi-press-news/2010/03/gautiers_main_sewer_artery_gets_a_stent.html

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