CETT Hosting Workshop Focused on Water, Waste Water Pipeline Condition Assessment and Rehab

CETT LogoThe Consortium for Engineered Trenchless Technologies (CETT) at the University of Alberta will host a one-day workshop focused on water and waste water pipeline condition assessment and rehabilitation.

The Feb. 16 workshop brings leading industry and municipality experts together to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing the water and waste water pipeline sector today. Speakers will present a comprehensive overview of water and wastewater pipeline condition assessment and rehabilitation alternatives and introduce a variety of tools and technologies for pipeline inspection, condition monitoring, and trenchless rehabilitation.

Speakers are: Dr. Ali Bayat, University of Alberta; Dr. Hamid Zaman, City of Edmonton; Dr. John Matthews, Pure Technologies; Chris Macey, AECOM; George Bontus, AEGION and Kate Kirk, EPCOR.

All participants will learn about the working principles, processes, benefits, and limitations of available technologies, as well as a letter of completion certified by the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension. Location for the workshop is the Lister Centre at the University of Alberta.
For more information, visit cett.ualberta.ca.

In other CETT news:

    • The University of Alberta NASTT student chapter attended the Northwest Trenchless Conference presented by the NASTT Northwest chapter, Chao Kang, CETT postdoctoral fellow, gave a presentation on “Development of a New Laboratory Test to Assess Clogging Potential.”

    • CETT completed a two-year study with the City of Edmonton on tunnel boring machine (TBM) clogging and sticky clay, which led to the development of a new apparatus and test procedure for clogging. To present this research, CETT hosted a half-day workshop with the City of Edmonton to discuss sticky clay and TBM research.

    • Our NASTT students have been conducting research and field experiments with TELUS Communications to determine the best methods and materials to install and backfill micro-trenches, specifically in cold-climate regions. This work will enable TELUS to install fibre optic cables to homes and businesses without the risk and expense of open-cut methods. CETT’s contributions are part of TELUS’s plans to replace their old copper wire network with fibre optic cables to deliver faster and more reliable internet to Canadians.

    • The Tunnelling Association of Canada (TAC) has been named as CETT’s newest member. This collaboration intends to target today’s greatest trenchless construction challenges. TAC’s contribution will help support CETT’s ongoing research, maximize the impact of our research, better identify industry needs, and provide current and future professionals with quality education.

    • Recent publications by CETT members include:

      • “Annular Fluid Pressure Estimation during Pilot Boring in Horizontal Directional Drilling using the Bingham Plastic Flow Model”

      • “Efficient Drilling in HDD by Implementing the Concept of Specific Energy”

      • “Case Study of Pipeline Installation using the a Modified Guided Boring Method”- “Comparison of Different Methods for Normal Stress Calculation during Pipe Jacking/Microtunnelling.”

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