CATT Unitracc

CATT, Visaplan Partner to Bring UNITRACC to North America

The Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT) has partnered with Dr.-Ing. Robert Stein and visaplan GmbH, in Germany, to offer the Underground Infrastructure Training and Competence Centre (UNITRACC) e-learning portal across North America.

This partnership brings together two international underground infrastructure education leaders and two world class innovative organizations to elevate trenchless construction and pipeline management training, making high-quality industry content available 24/7 through cost-effective subscriptions to this e-learning portal. Dr. Mark Knight, Executive Director CATT, and Dr. Stein have a vision for UNITRACC to be a world leader in the development and offering of e-learning certification courses for the underground construction industry.

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Launched Aug. 4, CATT-UNITRACC offers exclusive online, on-demand content in multiple learning formats including presentations, books, instructions on installation and operation of equipment, detailed documentation regarding trenchless methods and impressive construction site animations and simulations. The specially developed resources will enhance the user’s knowledge and expertise in pipeline maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement using trenchless technology and traditional open-cut methods. All the material has been developed by industry experts and presents step-by-step information, animations and 3D visualizations to enhance the user’s learning experience.

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Individual and team (up to 10 users) semi-annual and annual subscriptions are available. For more information and to request a demo, visit

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