CATT Launches Canadian Specific Directory

CATT Launches Canadian Specific Directory

Looking for a trenchless professional in Canada got a little bit easier thanks to the CATT Trenchless Directory, by the Centre for the Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT).

The online-only directory, at, launched in July 2014.
“We wanted to make a resource that is easy for people to find information about who is doing what in the trenchless area,” says CATT executive director Dr. Mark Knight.

Given the nature of CATT’s work in growing the trenchless industry throughout Canada, Knight says the organization often fielded inquires about companies related to the trenchless industry. Based on those inquires, CATT created a committee to explore the creation of a directory about a year ago.

Though the directory is open to anyone in the trenchless industry, the bulk of the uploaded information thus far was from CATT member companies.

The directory features 12 categories: auger boring, CIPP, horizontal directional drilling, microtunneling, pipe cleaning, pilot tube/guided boring, pipe ramming, pipe jacking, pipe inspection, sewer cleaning, manufacturer and supplier.

“The directory is designed via user-input,” Knight says. “A user inputs their information and has control over the information that goes in. They will maintain the information and it’s open for everyone in the industry to use. However, there are benefits of bring a CATT member.”

Those benefits include number of categories a company can register for, placement, logos and acknowledgement on the site, as well as discounts to CATT events. Four levels determine the benefits subscribers receive: Non-CATT, CATT Silver ($1,000), CATT Gold ($2,000) and CATT Platinum ($3,000) memberships.

The fees associated with the membership levels include a one-year membership in CATT as well as the site. For a limited time, non-CATT members can upload their information to the site free of charge.

“We felt that there was a need for one-place shopping in the industry,” Knight says. “CATT’s mission is to help advance the industry and to broaden our breadth from just being regional in Ontario to being across Canada so the e-directory helps us broaden to provide benefits across Canada.”
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