Buderus Info Day at TRACTO-TECHNIK

Numerous Buderus Giesserei Wetzlar GmbH sales partners and their customers from many European countries recently visited Tracto-Technik in Lennestadt, Germany, a leading manufacturer of trenchless installation technology, after accepting an invitation from the ductile iron pipe manufacturer Buderus from Wetzlar.

The reason for the joint initiative of Buderus and Tracto-Technik was the expanding interest for the installation of ductile iron pipes with the trenchless installation method.

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The ductile iron pipes have advantages, especially for drinking water suppliers, because of their cement mortar housings. They are especially suitable for high operating pressures and really impress with their long service life and corrosive consistency of 140 years.

For the trenchless installation of these pipes Tracto-Technik offers the HDD bore method, the pipe cracking method and the cable plow method for the ductile iron pipe installation. This enables a nominal width spectrum to be covered from 80 to 1,000 mm.

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“This is an interesting recess, where we would like to get more strongly involved,” commented Manfred Hoffmann, Buderus Export.

With more than 70 participants involved, the response was much higher than expected. According to Björn Freimuth, TT specialist for pipe cracking, the strong interest is down to the Buderus handbook for the trenchless installation of ductile iron pipes, which was issued at the end of 2007, distributed in German and English and valued as a really useful guidebook.

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The emphasis of the information event were the practical demonstrations on TRACTO’s own test site. One excited participant commented: “You don’t get to see this everyday. The demonstrations have really impressed me immensely.”

The HDD bore rig Grundodrill 25 N, which installed the ductile iron pipe ND 100, was on show. The pipe pipe bursting rig Grundoburst 400 G cut open an old steel pipe with a roller blade and simultaneously pulled in a ductile iron pipe ND 100. In order to demonstrate the pipe bursting technology more vividly, the work was carried out on the surface in this case.

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