Thompson Pipe Group—Flowtite recently announced the return of Dee Bryant to the position of regional sales manager with immediate effect. Bryant has an impressive track record of leadership and dedication to the task of eradicating pipe corrosion by further spreading the adoption and specification of Flowtite FRP pipe.

Dee Bryant

Dee Bryant

Building on its record sales in 2015, Bryant will continue to grow the success of Flowtite FRP across the South Central market. He will be based out of Houston.

Flowtite FRP is used for a range of applications, including sewer, force main, potable water transmission, hydro penstock and power, and more with various installation methods in new and rehab projects, including open-cut, sliplining, jacking and microtunneling. Bryant’s mission is to actively pursue projects from Texas to Florida and demonstrate to engineers and owners the many benefits of specifying and installing Flowtite FRP pipe.

Bryant previously worked for Thompson Pipe Group until 2010, focusing on rehabilitation of failing pipe. Since that time, he has focused on the petrochemical pipeline sector. Bryant now returns to the water utility sector, bringing his wealth of commercial and industry know-how to the business of providing non-corrosive pipe solutions, in addition to renewing or replacing America’s deteriorating water infrastructure.

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