Brazilian Conference to Focus on Trenchless

The first No-Dig Latin America Edition and third Brazilian Conferenceon Trenchless Technology will be held Feb. 13-15 at the TransamericaHotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event will be a combination of seminarsand an exhibit hall.The theme of the conference is “A Trenchless City.”

Topics to be discussed include: engineering and geotechnicalengineering in underground infrastructure projects; engineering andwork safety; environmental impacts; legislation and civil liability,materials and equipment, new applications for trenchless technology,reducing the social costs of infrastructure projects and current andfuture technologies in the area of trenchless technology.

Pre-conference courses, which will take place Feb. 12, includehorizontal directional drilling and pipe bursting. The conferencesponsor is the Brazilian Society for Trenchless Technology (ABRATT),with support by the International Society for Trenchless Technology(ISTT).

ISTT will be promoting a meeting of professors during the event,bringing universities and their widely experienced representatives tothe conference. Foreign lecturers, together with Brazilians, will bedebating all of the techniques and methods in a real marathon oftechnical knowledge and experiences.

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