The Regional Water Authority (RWA) in Branford, Conn., begins a six month project on more than four miles of underground water pipes in the Indian Neck section of town this week. The project involves routine cleaning and maintenance as well as cement-lining of existing mains to improve service and reduce costs, according to Zip06.

    The cast-iron pipes will be cleaned and lined with cement, said RWA Representative Joan Huwiler. Before work begins on each section of water line, the water authority will install temporary above-ground lines.

    According to Huwiler, once the temporary main has been installed, crews begin cleaning the underground main. The first area to be worked on is bounded by Linden Avenue and Pawson Park Road. The second area is along Indian Neck Avenue from Melrose to Terhune, as well as some side streets off Indian Neck.

    Work will begin in mid-April, with RWA crews working in the south-central part of town. The project won’t involve any other areas of town and will be completed in August, Huwiler said.

    According to Huwiler, cement lined pipes have been the industry standard since the 1950s as they make repairs easier and last longer. The pipes being upgraded date from the 1920s to the 1950s. When the project is complete, residents will have better water pressure, resulting in better protection against fires in their neighborhood.

    Each year, the authority cleans and lines several miles of mains, including work last year in the Short Beach environs. The rehabilitation work is less expensive than replacement because the pipes continue to be used after they are cleaned, lined, and tested, according to Huwiler.

    “We know it could be an inconvenience to residents, but this certainly is better than digging up entire streets,” Huwiler said. “The cement lining isn’t a new technology and it’s the way all pipes are now installed.”

Anyone with questions or concerns can call the RWA’s customer service department at 203-562-4020 or visit

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