Benjamin Media Inc. Develops Online Resource Center

Benjamin Media Inc., publisher of Trenchless Technology, recently developed a new Resource Center, packed with various resources and informational materials. This online one-stop reference shop offers available resources that focus on areas such as horizontal drilling, pipe jacking, trenchless technology, tunneling, public works and construction.

Numerous informative books, DVDs, CD-ROMs and directories can be found on the Resource Center and are available for purchase. “The Handbook of Pipe Bursting Practice” is just one of the many publications on the site and details the use of pipe bursting in trenchless applications. For those city officials dealing with tree root damage to infrastructure can pick up a copy of “Reducing Infrastructure Damage by Tree Roots,” and discover the various methods of root control management.

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“The Guide to Water & Wastewater Asset Management,” the first book to be published by Benjamin Media Inc., can be purchased on the Resource Center and will be available later this year. For more information or to browse the selection of reference materials, visit the newly-developed Resource Center at, or contact Jamie Krill at  (330) 467-7588 or by e-mail: