Beckwith-Bemis Announces New Line

Beckwith-Bemis Inc., a leader in polymer-coated fabrics and industrial film,recently announced another major milestone resulting from the companies’strategic growth plan — the addition of a new state-of-the-art totally automatedBattenfeld-Gloucester 103-in. wide extrusion line.

The new extrusion line will enable greater production flexibility whilecomplementing the existing 76-in. wide extrusion coating line. The completeBeckwith-Bemis production system will provide customers new tools to takeadvantage of niche market opportunities. Complementing the system is afour-color, roto-gravure printer/laminator with top coating, embossing andslitting capability, winding and inspection capability. Other recent investmentsinclude two state-of-the-art, fully automated compounding and batching equipmentsystems and an extensive, full range of laboratory equipment including a newDavis Standard lab extruder.

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“Equipment such as our wide extruders, multi-feature printers and laminatorsall have made the use of polymer-based coated fabrics and polymer film andsheeting pervasive across many walks of life,” said Blair McIntosh, presidentand owner of Beckwith-Bemis Inc. “The growing relationship between our valuedcustomers and our equipment capability is a natural outgrowth of this synergy.The Beckwith-Bemis Total System Approach is another step in our evolution,enabling us to fulfill our goal of providing our customers with quality, speed,value, innovation and the best customer service in the industry.”

As a result of these additions, the company is working on a host of newproducts and services to enhance consumers’ experiences with coated fabrics andplastic film, including new supported and un-supported geomembranes, waterproofmarine flooring and specialty products. “Other developments, including newproducts utilizing our superior width and printing, embossing and top-coatingcapabilities, are expected to come to fruition in February,” explained DeniseBraun, customer service manager.

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Founded in 1914, Beckwith-Bemis Inc., headquartered in Sherbrooke, Quebec,Canada, is a niche market leader in the fields of custom polymer coated fabricsand plastic films used in the manufacture of waterproof decking, roofingmembranes, geomembranes, cured-in-place liners, healthcare barrier fabrics andnumerous other end-uses. The company’s polymer processing capability includesPVC, PU, TPO, PE, PP, EVA and other specialty resins.