Atlanta Watershed Management crews and the city’s contractor, Insituform-EPRjoint venture, worked around the clock to complete Phase I of the PeachtreeCorridor sewer rehabilitation project in record time in order to keep trafficdisruption in the heavily traveled area to a minimum. Working 24 hours a day incoordination with the Buckhead Community Improvement District and Atlanta PoliceDepartment Zone 2 officers, crews completed the work in seven days.

The City rehabilitated sewers from Georgia 400 to Maple Drive along PeachtreeRoad, using pipe bursting and cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, which minimizedthe need for excavation. Crews excavated pits for the project using a new methodthat employs a vacuum truck to remove soil from the pit, eliminating the risk ofdamage to existing utilities.

The sewer rehabilitation is part of the City’s capacity relief efforts,mandated by the consent decrees. The project is part of the $3.2 billion CleanWater Atlanta program designed to overhaul the City’s aging water and sewerinfrastructure and provide residents and downstream communities with thecleanest, safest drinking water possible at the lowest possible cost. Phases IIand III of the project have not yet been scheduled.

“The City has dozens of water and sewer projects underway right now,”commissioner Rob Hunter says. “We understand that those projects are creatinginconvenience for and disruption to our customers. When possible, we try tominimize the inconvenience, and this is a terrific example of how we were ableto do that. These rehab projects will increase capacity in the area and extendthe structural life of the area’s sewers by 50 years.”

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