ARCADIS U.S., Malcolm Pirnie Finalize Restructuring

ARCADIS (EURONEXT: ARCAD), the international consultancy, design, engineering and management services company, has announced a new executive leadership structure for its U.S. operations, effective Jan. 1, 2011.

The reorganization marks the incorporation of Malcolm Pirnie, an environmental engineering and consulting firm, into ARCADIS U.S. operations. Incorporating organizational elements from both ARCADIS and Malcolm Pirnie, the combined structure is designed to be both client- and market-focused, while maintaining ARCADIS’ strong global perspective.

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In addition to leadership changes, ARCADIS has created a new Water Division, which will be presented under a new Malcolm Pirnie/ARCADIS brand, to capitalize on Malcolm Pirnie’s expertise in water and wastewater treatment and in combination with ARCADIS’ expertise in water resource management. ARCADIS’ service divisions now include: Environment, Infrastructure, Program Management and Construction Management (PMCM), and Water.

“ARCADIS is committed to strategic expansion to maintain our position as a leader in the global marketplace for environment, infrastructure, project management – and now, with Malcolm Pirnie,  water services,” said Steve Blake, CEO of ARCADIS U.S. “The combination of ARCADIS and Malcolm Pirnie positions us to offer clients worldwide a broader portfolio of services.”

As part of the leadership reorganization, ARCADIS has named four Division presidents, a director for strategic client development and other key operational appointments.

Environment Division:

Zack Smith has been appointed president of the environment division. Prior to this role, Smith served as operations director for the environment division.

Infrastructure Division:

Wassim Selman will serve as infrastructure division president. Selman formerly served as director of federal programs for the company’s U.S. operations and prior to this as operations manager for the SE infrastructure region.

PMCM Division:

The PMCM Division will continue to operate under the leadership of Charles Dahill as president. Throughout 2011, the PMCM Division will develop and implement integration plans for the recently acquired PMCM firm, Rise International LLC.

Water Division:

Ken Spiker, former operations manager for Malcolm Pirnie, will serve as president of Malcolm Pirnie, the Water Division of ARCADIS U.S.

Strategic Client Development:

Jerry Frieling will transition from his previous role as chairman of Malcolm Pirnie to a new position, strategic client development director for the U.S. operations.

Other Key Appointments:

Lt. Gen. Robert Flowers has been appointed to federal program director and will lead the integrated ARCADIS and Malcolm Pirnie federal programs.

Bill Dee will move from his prior position as CEO of Malcolm Pirnie, and has been appointed director of the global water business line for all ARCADIS operating companies, with the goal of significantly expanding our position in the water sector internationally.

Gary Coates will continue in an expanded role as chief operating officer leading the integrated Malcolm Pirnie/ARCADIS U.S. operations, including the four ARCADIS divisions, federal services and strategic client development.


ARCADIS is an international company providing consultancy, engineering and management services in infrastructure, environment and buildings, to enhance mobility, sustainability and quality of life. ARCADIS develops, designs, implements, maintains and operates projects for companies and governments. With more than 15,000 employees and more than $2.4 billion in gross revenue, the company has an extensive international network that is supported by strong local market positions. ARCADIS supports UN-HABITAT with knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the world.
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