Applied Felt’s EnviroCure ® - Your Answer to CIPP Styrene Emissions

Applied Felt’s EnviroCure ® – Your Answer to CIPP Styrene Emissions

Sewer Technologies in Ontario, Canada had two projects lining culverts that required sensitivity to the natural wildlife. 

One culvert was a very old 36” diameter CSP pipe that was heavily corroded through-out, leaving it structurally unsound, and had a creek running through it. It was also located in a sensitive area very close to the town fishery. Ontario has some very strict environmental regulations, and typically when installing a CIPP liner in an active watercourse, a non-styrenated resin is required. In addition, each installation is closely monitored by environmental authorities, requiring extensive preliminary permit approvals from the regional municipality, the town engineering department and the provincial environment ministry. 

Sewer Technologies presented Applied Felt’s EnviroCure® liner, explaining that the styrene was completely encapsulated, with no resin fumes effecting the water or harming the wildlife. So, not only would the frogs, fish and other natural inhabitants in the creek and fishery be safe, the municipality did not have the additional expense of non-styrenated resin – which cost up to 3 times more than regular resin. 

“The install was very similar to other liners, but without the smell, and not a frog or fish was harmed in the process! In addition, styrene-based resin is more structurally sound than non-styrenated resins, that are much more expensive. We also had a much easier time with the approval process with the local regional municipality and the town’s environmental departments, after reviewing the Envirocure® Liner specifications, the environmental authorities for the area signed off, and the town gave us the green light” said Chris Manners, Partner/Co-Owner, Sewer Technologies, Inc.    

Manners went on to explain, “Last winter, we had another culvert where the bottom of the pipe had corroded from sitting in water over a long duration of time. The road it supported above was also deteriorating as a result. This culvert was close to a heavily wooded area with a great deal of wildlife. We installed 60 feet of EnviroCure, and again, saved a lot of time and money with no smell. Usually we would have an additional crew to set up odor control and filtration equipment to manage styrene emissions, and protect the surrounding habitat. Without all that added time and effort, and with the quick approvals from several regulatory entities, we were in and out quickly, saving the municipality money and keeping the environment safe.”

Applied Felts, the global leader in CIPP liners, has once again introduced game-changing benefits to the mainline CIPP industry with – EnviroCure.

Applied Felts’ EnviroCure, a proprietary all-felt or hybrid felt/glass fabric coated with a styrene barrier, vastly reduces if not eliminates styrene odors and emissions on the jobsite before, during and after your installations – taking away the significant cost and unpredictability of styrene-free resin systems and letting the liner do the work instead.

EnviroCure is a heat-cured, STYRENE IMPERMEABLE polymer coating that eliminates styrene emissions and odor. EnviroCure is manufactured by Applied Felts, Inc and wet-out by FerraTex Solutions. 

EnviroCure® Test Results: Multiple Installations Testing on the EnviroCure® product were conducted in consideration of the guidelines set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Styrene Interim AEGL, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs) and American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®) Threshold Limit Values (TLVs®).


Applied Felt’s customer, Sewer Technologies in Ontario, Canada installing EnviroCure ® . Heavily wooded area with a great deal of wildlife.