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American Pipelining Supplies Partners with Rich and Jake Galgano

American Pipelining Supplies (APS) announced the strategic acquisition of a minority ownership stake by Rich Galgano and Jake Galgano, of Carefree Capital LLC.

Rich Galgano, renowned for transforming Windy City Wire into a manufacturing and distribution juggernaut, brings his unparalleled expertise in manufacturing, distribution, operations, and sales to APS.

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The milestone marks a continued commitment by APS to amplify their role as a leader in the trenchless pipe repair and cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining industry. American Pipelining Supplies provides sewer and drain rehabilitation equipment, including state of the art training, as well as repair services to professionals in the plumbing and drain service sectors.

Its products and services are critical for residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing, as well as infrastructure projects, particularly where traditional excavation methods are impractical or prohibitively expensive.

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“I am thrilled to be part of the American Pipelining Supplies team. In many ways, APS today reminds me of Windy City Wire years ago – a company with tremendous potential and primed to dominate its market,” says Rich Galgano. “I see a bright future ahead and am excited to put my full weight behind this brand, helping to drive its rapid expansion and to solidify its position as a leader in the industry.”

Windy City Wire (WCW), founded in 1994 by Rich Galgano, revolutionized the low-voltage wire industry, with its relentless innovation and technological advancements. Boasting 29 consecutive years of EBITDA growth, Galgano was a prime partner for APS, who will benefit from his many years of innovation and leadership. His track record will be leveraged to duplicate such growth and expansion of APS in the coming months and years.

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Rich Galgano’s leadership at WCW was marked by the development of a 300,000 square foot headquarters and a top-tier team. They are committed to collaborating with Jake Saltzman, APS’s founder and CEO, to usher in an era of transformative growth and industry leadership. The partnership symbolizes a fusion of proven success strategies and a deep confidence in APS’s talented team. Their combined expertise sets the stage for unparalleled growth and innovation in the industry.

Saltzman, CEO of American Pipelining Supplies (APS), whose expertise spans over 20 years in the industry, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership.

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“We are thrilled to join forces with the Galganos. Our combined vision and leadership will introduce a new dynamic of innovation and growth at APS. Leveraging Galgano’s manufacturing, sales, and support expertise, coupled with our strong focus on industry education and training, positions us to elevate our client services to unprecedented levels,” Saltzman said. “We are excited for what the future holds as we embark on this transformative journey together.”

This partnership will add needed momentum to Saltzman’s commitment to bringing global best practices to the U.S. market. APS is positioned to be a leading partner for plumbing and drainage contractors.

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