American Infrastructure Group Appoints Eric Dupre, Senior Business Development Director

American Infrastructure Group Inc. (AIGI) appointed Eric Dupre’ as its senior business development director.

Eric Dupre


The appointment marks, “An exciting time for the company as we roll out our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technology InfraSix,” a press release noted.

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AIGI recently completed its first acquisition of InfraSix LLC focused on deploying new technologies to improve data analytics and processing capabilities for the infrastructure industry. The company is in the process of staffing up AIGI out of the Houston, Texas office, including a new COO, comptroller and Board of Directors. The appointment of Dupre’ is a major step in this direction.

“The combination of our InfraSix A.I. systems tied into infrastructure management is a paradigm shift that will make a massive impact very quickly,” Dupre’ said. “I am extremely excited to be a part of this elite group of experts, and even more excited to see the future of what our InfraSix A.I. systems will do for the entire infrastructure sector.”

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Dupre’ has more than 20 years of municipal infrastructure engineering design, procurement, and asset management in Texas. He served on the National Industry Advisory Board for Infrastructure, Underground Construction Technology Association Texas Chapter, and Harris County MUD Board of Directors. He was a project manager for multi-million dollar EPA/TCEQ municipal infrastructure procurement projects in Texas/Louisiana. He worked with TCEQ to develop and draft current engineering design criteria for wastewater infrastructure. Dupre’ has filed US patents and US trademarks for innovative infrastructure technologies over the years.

“It’s been very exciting to have Mr. Dupre’ joins the team at this critical juncture of the Company. This is a time where we are aggressively rolling out InfraSix technology,” said Edward Gilliard, CFO. “His years of experience in infrastructure technology and connections will certainly help us streamline our business development processes.”

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